Vacay Visionary Veronica

Welcome! I'M Veronica

I believe money earns you freedom. Being an entrepreneur has allowed me to place living my life over being a slave to work. My mission is to give more struggling humans the confidence to live their best lives.

Trainer, Motivator, Entrepreneur, and Adventurer

I enrolled at Oregon State University with the intention of completing a psychology degree and transferring over to law school. But then at 19, I accidentally wound up becoming self-employed (and remarkable successful) in commission-only sales. After gaining international recognition with my company, I realized law school was not on my life path.

Vacay Visionary Veronica

WINNER OF trips, titles, and hundreds of thousands of dollars

Over a dozen years later, the multi-level marketing industry has served me well. I've won all-expenses-paid trips to New York, the Bahamas, Cabo San Lucas, Naples, and more. I held the title of National Director, President's Club Member, and Board of Directors Member. Income flows in from not only my personal sales but also in cash bonuses from my team of Veronica's Vixens who sell under me from coast-to-coast.

Vacay Visionary Veronica

CREATING Another Business
by Accident

In 2017, to capitalize on a local event, I decided to offer my house for rent and go on a quick vacation. Within a year, I had an extra $41,331 flow through my bank account. I realized my side hustle had turned into significant income, and I can't help but shout it from the rooftops! This is by far the easiest money I have ever earned. And... any homeowner could do this!


Becoming the Vacay Visionary is the first business I've ever started on purpose. In my previous businesses, I've been lucky, and that luck allows me to be intentional in showing others my path and how they can get here, too. I took risks that paid off, and so can you! As Vacay Visionary, I'm here to share my success with anyone who has the courage to take some risk and earn their freedom.